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Resources For any topic below there is most likely an awesome github repository covering the subject as well. Cryptography * Encryption Primer * crypto101.io * A Stick Figure Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) * A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography Data Recovery * WeRecoverData * Gillware * GetDataBack Software Firewalls * FireHOL * FireHOL IP blocklists Git * o…
Public Code
Public Code I don't consider myself a programmer by any means, however, I do publish some of my code here and there. GitLab GitHub BitBucket
SSH Public Key for David Remy
SSH Public Key for David Remy I use my PGP authentication subkey for all SSH authentication purposes. For tips on how I got SSH auth working in GPG4Win see here. Key Information: User-ID: David P. Remy [email protected] Fingerprint: D47C4458D8D0D1A3D5E64AF5C14A73D697A07B3C
PGP Public Key for David Remy
PGP Public Key for David Remy Below is the public encryption key for David Remy, [email protected] For information on my key signing policy please see here. For information on my Key Transition Statement for 922BAF0E see here. I use my PGP authentication subkey for all SSH authentication purposes. For more information see
My PGP Key Signing Policy
My PGP Key Signing Policy My policy is simple, if I am reasonably convinced that you are who you claim you are, I will sign your key. I will sign keys at both casual and careful checking levels, depending on how you convince me of your identity. If I have signed a previous key of yours which you have replaced with a new key, I will sign your new key given you can provide a valid transition statement and the new key has been in use for more than three months.
Online Presence
Online Presence Email: [email protected] Chat and Secure Messaging: * Trillian: remyservices * Keybase.io: dpremy * I'm also on Signal, Threema, and Skype. Social Media: * Twitter: DavidRemy * Twitter: DavidRemy_Feed * LinkedIn: LinkedIn * AboutMe: About.me
OpenPGP Key Transition Statement
OpenPGP Key Transition Statement To verify my key transition please manually verify it with this file or copy the below text in to a text file and save it to your local computer for verification. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256,SHA1 OpenPGP Key Transition Statement for David Remy ([email protected]) I have created a new 4096-bit RSA key and will be transitioning away from my older 2048-bit DSA key. The old key has not been compromised and will continue to be valid f…
Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics Below are the Code of Ethics which I have personally adopted and adhered to. SANS IT Code of Ethics I will strive to know myself and be honest about my capability * I will strive for technical excellence in the IT profession by maintaining and enhancing my own knowledge and skills. I acknowledge that there are many free resources available on the Internet and affordable books and that the lack of my employer's training budget is not an excuse nor limits my ability to stay cu…
dotfiles My collection of dotfiles are nothing special, nor are they perfect, but I do use them on a daily basis within my OpenBSD, RedHat, and Windows Subsystem for Linux. I utilize Alexander Artemenko's dotfiler to manage my dotfiles, though you should be able to easily use any of my configs without dotfiler.
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Change in iOS 10.2 and Greater Proxy pac Files February 20, 2017 iOS Now Honors Absolute 'Unambiguous' FQDN Requests in Proxy pac Files - Previous to iOS 10.2 In versions of Apple iOS previous to 10.2, Automatic Proxy Configuration files which used dnsDomainIs functions like those below use to work without issue.
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